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SESIFF Seoul International Extreme-Short Image and Film Festival
25th-29th September 2014, Dongjak district of Seoul City, South Korea.

Heure Exquise

MusicVideoArt by Heure Exquise at the Centre International pour les arts vidéo, in Lille, France.
Screened on 4th December 2014. Full programme here

Animazing AniMazSpot 2013/2014 - Section 5
Full list of participants here

judges' comments:
"Mesmerizing and beautiful at the same time. A very interesting visual exploration."

"This is a very beautiful film with hints of the primordial / natural order and crafts culture ‘gone digital’ resulting in some resonant visual transitions and an ethereal transience of infrastructural patterns and colour combinations."

MagMart IX Edition
, hosted by Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy. Serendipity will also be included in the museum's permanent collection.
Full list of participants of the IX edition here

features a potent mix of ideas, inspiring collaboration with visual artists, writers and performing artists from around the world.

Serendipity is featured here



The 10k project is intended to be experienced on the largest screen possible. Screens don’t come much larger than the 15m x 3.8m LED widescreen which was used by the BBC for live outside coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and which has now been permanently installed outside the Glasgow Science Centre on the Quay.

The screen, which is the result of a collaboration between Scottish Enterprise, Skills Development Scotland, Glasgow Science Centre and the BBC will serve as a platform for showcasing Glasgow's creativity and to create new opportunities for this public space.

A one-minute excerpt from Serendipity is the first piece of creative content to be released onto the screen, with more 10k creations to follow.

please note this video has no sound

photos and video by Neil Castell