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Dance of the Shaman

Dreamtime is the first playpiece to use the approach of variable pacing, with the image track varying from twice the speed of Deeptime, to ten times slower. It also experiments with multiple visual track layering. The music for Dreamtime is being composed by Tom Rennie, long-time collaborator and composer for Lesley's films Burrellesque and Ra; the Path of the Sun God.

The process of creating the music for Dreamtime started with Tom Rennie being given a longer visual track from the Deeptime structure, running slowly at his request. As the composition emerged however, the slow-moving, hypnotic dynamic started to increase in tempo, departing from the pace of the visuals and invoking the need to turn the collaboration around to match this new departure. A new stream of rapidly moving images from other parts of the Deeptime structure were chosen to take the place of the original slow track. This material was sped up to double the speed of the Deeptime visuals and in places overlaid in multiple picture tracks to echo the musical composition which combined both slow paced and rapidly changing musical elements.


Song of Earth

Dreamtime: Song of Earth is an experiment in using a NASA sound recording from the Voyager mission in place of a music track. This piece in its full version lasts 30 mins.