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"Mesmerizing and beautiful at the same time. A very interesting visual exploration."

"This is a very beautiful film with hints of the primordial / natural order and crafts culture ‘gone digital’ resulting in some resonant visual transitions and an ethereal transience of infrastructural patterns and colour combinations."
                                                                                                AniMazSpot Film Festival 2013-2014

Serendipity is the first of the 10k playpieces, made in collaboration with composer Alexey Sibikin. The grammar of creating and sequencing the playpieces evolved during the making of Serendipity. The name reflects the surprising new elements that emerged when the original artwork was sequenced. Serendipity runs at the speed originally intended for the playpieces – designed to stimulate the viewer's imagination and visual cortex. Running at 'speed' the individual artworks pass by at 1/25th of a second and can only be appreciated by stopping the video.


While Serendipity is a collaboration where the music was composed after the images, Serenity was an experiment in slowing the pace to allow the images to be fully appreciated and involved working with a pre-existing music track that was not composed specifically for the piece. A track by Altus was found to fit the meditative state that is created by using the second half of Serendipity slowed down ten times.

The video above is a short sample of the film. Watch the full seventeen minutes of Serenity here.