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serendipity deeptime bead theory deeptime gaia serendipity deeptime serendipity bead theory serendipity deeptime gaia deeptime serendipity bead theory serendipity deeptime gaia deeptime serendipity bead theory gaia

  "Mesmerizing and beautiful at the same time. A very interesting visual exploration."
Silvina Comillon, AniMazSpot 2013/2014

The 10k series creates an immersive audiovisual experience, using a variety of experimental means to construct a non-narrative flow of images.

From Serendipity - the first, purely linear piece - the series has evolved to use a range of underlying structures of increasing complexity. These underlying rules are used to construct sequences from basic building blocks that are either linear or cyclical in structure. All of the building blocks are designed to be compatible in their design approach. With in excess of 50,000 available images to work with, the possible permutations are literally endless so it is essential to define conceptual guidelines to bound the scope of the ideas being explored in individual pieces.

Sources of inspiration for the playpieces are derived from concepts ranging from mythology to quantum mechanics. The essence of the pieces is the notion of flow - of participating in a visual stream of consciousness. The imagery is derived from fractal elements, which are reminiscent of natural forms, while not truly imitating life. The key is not to attempt to grasp or analyse the succession of images but to let them flow through the mind, stimulating and intriguing the senses.

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